Friday, 2 February 2018

Versatile Clothing: How to Style Tank Tops for Winter & Summer

Tank Tops. You can wear them alone, you can wear them with a t-shirt underneath or even with a long sleeve underneath. I love layering but I'm not always sure how to do it, but I found out that tank tops are the perfect piece to do that, all summer and winter long! 

You can see more pictures below to see how it works so well, as well as some recommendations from Zaful.

1. [here]; 2. [here]; 3. [here]; 4. [here]; 5. [here]; 6. [here]

I usually like the ones that are more loose so you can tuck them in but the tops number 4 & 5, that are giving more corset vibes, is a style I'm willing to try.

And currently Zaful is having a Valentines Day Sale, so you can also try to find some more cute tank tops a bit more cheap!

Monday, 27 November 2017


T-Shirt* - Rosegal // Trousers - Pull & Bear // High Neck - H&M // Hat - Primark // Boots - Dr. Martens

Here's my attempt in matching two colors that aren't black, together! I use this pink top with everything and it happens to also look pretty nice with this blue stripped shirt I got from Rosegal.
I also got this new hat from Primark that everyone uses. I'm still trying to make it work but my hair doesn't seem to like to cooperate. Hope you like it 
Aqui está a minha tentativa em combinar duas cores que não são pretas. Eu uso esta camisola rosa com tudo e também gostei de ver como fica com esta camisa às riscas azuis que recebi da Rosegal.
Também recebi este novo chapéu da Primark que toda a gente tem. Eu ainda estou a tentar perceber como o usar já que o meu cabelo não parece gostar de colaborar. Espero que gostem ♥